Staging your Occupied Home with Items You Already Own - Lindsay Durbin

Our special guest today is Lindsay Durbin owner of Homecraft Staging. Lindsay specializes in staging homes using items that you already own, she finds new ways to rearrange and optimize appeal. We’re excited to hear all of the tips and tricks Lindsay has to share with us today. 

We were so grateful to have Lindsay on our podcast to share her staging knowledge. A little background on Lindsay.

  • Lindsay was a registered nurse for 11 years. When she sold her house in Dripping Springs, her realtor saw her talent and suggested she be a stager for a living!
  • She started Homecraft staging in 2017, Home staging is her passion and profession. She creates new ways to use items while optimizing appeal. 

What can clients expect when working with Homecraft Staging? Specifically, what are your options for consultations? 

They are experts in working with occupied staging, that is clients still living in the home or leaving their furnishings and items in the house. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

The different services they offer include:

  • STANDARD CONSULT - A walk and talk through your home. All encompassing look at your home.  You’ll have a checklist & guide for staging your home yourself using what you have. We tag things to move out.
  • HANDS ON CONSULT - Lindsay brings her tools and they spend 3 hours together staging the home using the client’s furnishings. They help actually move the furniture around and put things into place.

You can expect: A lot of education

  • She produces welcome videos so clients know what to expect
  • She has online scheduling & text reminders

How long do these consultations typically last and who all attends? 

  • STANDARD - 90 minutes - at least 1 homeowner has to be there
  • HANDS ON - 3 hours - 1 homeowner or realtor/assistant needs to be there

What areas does she cover?

Lindsay covers from Buda to Georgetown, Lakeway to Manor. 

She can also do a virtual consultation via Zoom for anyone out of the area. This is also the least expensive option and is open to anyone weather they live in the area she works or not. 

How does she share her recommendations after the consult?

She uses video to share recommendations via a 5 minute recap of what they went over after the consultation. They send it within 24 hours after the consultation to the homeowner and the realtor. She also sends a guideline per room. 

Where does she suggest storing items?

They do normally ask that a lot of things be removed so the buyers can truly see the house. She tags items to be removed so it is clear. 

She suggests that items be removed from the house go to a storage unit, a friend's house or the garage as a last resort. She wants the garage to still be tidy and organized. She does try to stay with what is affordable and doable.

Does she ever recommend a client purchase additional items?

Lindsay only suggests items that can increase ROI and overall appeal. For example, She might suggest you change out builder grade (typically brassy)  doors knobs and light fixtures. She is a huge fan of using what you have or borrowing from neighbors/friends/fam.

Does she also provide specific recommendations for where to purchase items for the home? 

Yes, she makes recommendations as she goes through the consult. She makes budget-friendly recommendations for items to buy. She tells them what to buy and where to go?

Here she explains the 3 D’s of staging. 

  • Declutter
  • Depersonalize
  • Deep clean

When preparing your home to sell, the list can feel never-ending. If clients are overwhelmed where she recommend to start on the most important areas. 

  • Kitchen
  • Primary suite
  • Living room 
  • Curb Appeal

In her experience (and ours), staging impacts the process of selling your home and the overall outcome.

  • Buyers can NOT look past your personal things
  • Staging makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the home - you want your home to stand out (National Association of Realtors-82% of buyers said it’s easier to visualize a home when it is staged)
  • Accentuate positives while downplaying negatives
  • Every home deserves at least a consultation so they have the information to put their best foot forward. 

What are her 3 favorite or most common staging recommendations when working with clients? 

She has ALL the cheesy recommendations - cheesy works!!  The #1 thing she tells clients - "We are selling your sq footage, not your personal items."

  1. Light bulbs- soft white light

  2. Magnetic garage door hardware- can really change the look of your garage

  3. Window washing

Lindsay has a wonderful handyman she works with as well as a great vendor list. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today and share all of this valuable information. Where can listeners find you online and what is the best way to reach you? 

Ways to contact Lindsay -

[email protected]


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