Showing Etiquette

Today we’re covering showing etiquette and what that looks like for both buyers and sellers. As our market is shifting, this topic feels more important than ever for both parties. It could make or break a potential offer. 

Ok, Buyers! Here are 12 tips to make your showings successful and keep sellers happy.

  • Schedule in advance if possible and arrive on time
  • Be aware of the time in the home for the showing. (We try to stick to 30 minutes or less, give or take depending on house size.) This especially applies when there are sellers waiting to return home or maybe other showings scheduled.
  • Don’t bring pets with you (if you don’t have a choice then have a plan to safely leave them outside and maybe take shifts to view the home)
  • Remove your shoes and/or make sure they aren’t muddy or dirty
  • Watch for pets, if they’re out then leave them out, if they’re in leave them in.
  • Be careful what you say about the property, you truly never know when you’re being recorded. (in Texas you legally aren’t supposed to record unless you are there in the conversation but that doesn’t always stop people from recording.) You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your offers standing or give up your offer strategy. THIS GOES FOR STANDING OUTSIDE! Doorbell cameras can pick up sound at the street or driveway or there could be other cameras up. I often call my clients once we leave or we chat in the car
  • It’s better not to use the bathroom when at a showing. Go before or stop after. If you absolutely can’t wait, use a secondary bathroom instead of the primary and be sure to flush and leave it clean.
  • Leave the lights like you found them and the doors too.
  • Don’t sit on the beds (it could be staging and could collapse on you!)
  • Keep a close eye on children
  • Don’t touch personal items, you wouldn’t want to break anything special
  • Stick with your agent. It’s their job to accompany you throughout the house, it can be tempting to split up but it’s best not to. 

Now for sellers, 10 tips to show your respect to potential buyers

  • Vacate the house for showings - It can be tempting to stay for various reasons but its best to give potential buyers time and space to view the home without distraction
  • Make sure locks and keys work
  • Leave a porch light on
  • Ensure that walkways and doorways are clear and accessible
  • Contain pets if possible or make sure agent and buyers have clear instructions for dealing with the animals
  • If you have pets, be sure to pick up the yard. You wouldn’t want anything tracked inside!
  • Store away personal belongings, this can be as easy as cleaning out a drawer and stashing things inside prior to showings.
  • It’s best to keep all rooms and closets unlocked and viewable for showings. If you absolutely need to lock anything away, try to limit to one closet and be prepared to remove the items during the inspection.
  • Any outbuildings and the garage should also be accessible and walkable
  • Educate yourself on the video recording laws in your state and provide the proper disclosures as needed. 

The buyers viewing the property have a right to inspect all aspects of the home but it is important to be respectful of those who still live in the home. Or if it’s vacant, be respectful of the fact that the sellers aren’t there to check in on the property and are trusting you to leave it the way you found it. 

It’s also about both the buyer and seller agents who could have to return to the property to correct an issue if instructions are not followed. 

All in all, a smooth transaction can start at the time of showing. It’s so important to start things off right! Be kind to all parties involved and remember that it also benefits you in the long run. 

If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to Jenny Walker and Alisa Wells with Realty Austin. They specialize in helping home buyers and sellers in the Westlake area as well as surrounding areas.

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